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Lester Kyle's Flight Training

130 27th Avenue

Vero Beach, FL 32968

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Extensive training on:


· Understanding how all systems work and what you can do in the event of an emergency

· Weather avoidance and the use of Radar and Lightening Detection equipment

· Procedures to be used in the event of encountering severe weather

· Full and proper use of the Flight Director and Auto Pilot

· Instrument Approaches with emphasis on GPS procedures

· Aircraft control and unusual attitudes

· Operating in the ATC high altitude system

· Emergency Procedures

· FAR review



  Lester Kyle’s Aircraft Training is located in Vero Beach, Florida. It is solely owned and operated by Lester J. Kyle, Jr., a certified flight instructor since 1968 with the following ratings: ATP, COMM, ASMEL, SES, CFI, IFI, MEI, A&P, BGI, AGI, IGI. 

     Lester has conducted more than 1500 Malibu/Mirage schools and 950 Aerostar schools as well as many other models.  Lester owned and operated his own Far Part 141 school and from 1984 thru 1990 and was chief instructor for the Piper Aircraft Training Center in Vero Beach. He was extensively involved in the development of the Malibu training syllabus from the first test models until Piper decided to close their training school in 1990. His continuous involvement with Piper aircraft has taken him through every AD, SB and situation involving Piper aircrafts.

     Courses are conducted on both normal and emergencies systems , federal aviation regulations, aviation weather, instrument procedures and operating in the ATC high altitude system.

   A  Certificate is issued after the course is completed in a satisfactory manner.  Courses are conducted by using 35mm color slides, and well-developed overheads.  Classroom training is twelve to sixteen hours  for initial, and approximately eight hours for refresher.  Upon evaluation, each course is tailored to the individual person .

     Lester has more than thirty-five years of flying experience without any violations, accident or incidents. Lester specializes in training on Malibu/Mirage, JetProp, Meridian, Aerostar, all Cessna 300/400 series aircraft and Beechcraft single and twin piston models.

Telephone: 772-562-5438

Fax: 772-564-0514

E-mail: fly4kyle@aol.com

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Need a Biannual Flight Review and Instrument Proficiency Check?

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